Mechanical CAD Design Services

Mechanical CAD design services are focused on designing products based on their physical, material and ergonomic attributes. Mechanical design isn’t just nuts and bolts either. Our CAD services can help you design:

  • Sheet Metal Components
  • Fabricated Structures
  • Machined Parts
  • Pipework
  • Linear Motion Systems
  • Rotary Motion Systems
  • Gearing & Driveline
  • And much much more!

Mechanical CAD Design Services

Example of a Simple Mechanical Design

Mechanical design starts at conception. For example you want to make a support bracket for a part mounted to a vertical surface. First we would look at the physical aspects of what we would like to support. Its size, shape, weight and centre of mass would be taken into account. Then we would decide whether it would be more suitable to mount directly to the vertical face or if the part can be cantilevered. Next we select an appropriate material for both its weight and the environment the bracket will be exposed to.

We then begin designing the bracket taking into consideration supporting the part’s centre of mass. We must also choose a position on the part for it to be mounted. Where and how we mount the point should also be given consideration. The ease of mounting for the end user. Finally, we would design the bracket with manufacturing in mind. Ease of manufacture could have a significant impact on the cost of the part. After designing the bracket we may then choose to analyse the part. This can be done either by simple calculation or using software.

Our mechanical CAD design services include all of the above and more. We utilise SolidWorks as our primary CAD package. This allows us to model a part in 3D space. This also gives us the capability to load test and analyse parts after they have been designed.

For more work we do in this sector, please see our page Product Design and Development Mechanical Engineering.

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