Digital Product Design and Development

Digital product design and development is an area in which we excel. Our business model built around digital product design.

Digital Product Design and Development

CAD is at the core of our business. For instance, we use our CAD tools in 3 main ways:

  • Design for Prototype and Manufacture
  • Design for Extended Reality (XR).
  • Design for Photorealistic Rendering

Firstly, we design all our products in 3D space, to scale with their real life counterparts. This helps to more easily get across a digital product’s design. We do this using solid modelling software. Simply put, this means that the models we create have thickness and are represented as solids. This is perfect for manufacture.

Secondly, we can use the 3D models that we create for interactive purposes. By using extended reality, our designs are laid over virtual or real scenes so that their scale can be observed. Lastly, we use special rendering software to make the product look close to what it would in real life.

Additionally, we use specialist hardware to aid in digital product design. For example, our 3D scanner is what we mainly use to bring real products into digital 3D space.

Digital Product Design and Development

For more information, our CAD Product Design Services give a great insight into how we use digital design for real products.

AR Product Design

Extended Reality (XR)

Using XR, i.e. Augmented Reality (AR) and/or Virtual Reality (VR), as a means of marketing the product in a lean manner.

Augmented Reality is about the senses – enhancing the physical world by overlaying visual stimuli. Virtual Reality requires a headset and allows full immersion in virtual spaces. Similarly, Mixed Reality is the blend of physical and virtual worlds, allowing digital content to interact with real life.

You don’t have to put on a headset, your smartphone, tablet or PC can transport you to a digital product in a 3D space. AR product design is something which we see becoming more popular and have the tools to make it possible for you too. It’s a great way to take something digital and make it tangible.

AR Product Design

Design for the metaverse.

Photorealistic Rendering

Simply put, photorealistic rendering shows a 3D design in a way that makes it look like a photo of a real product. For example, this is really useful to market a product which isn’t manufactured.

Photorealistic Render


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