Defence Product Design and Development

Defence product design and development is often thought of with military connotations, but that isn’t always the case. At Donkey Work Design we see defence split into 3 categories:


We are well situated to work with the UK’s world-leading aerospace sector. Aerospace is diverse, with commercial, industrial and military applications.  As the market shifts towards unmanned flight, we want to help you design for the future. Utilising our experience in developing machines for aerospace manufacturing, we have a unique perspective into how unmanned aerospace products can be designed with manufacturing in mind.

Belfast in particular, is synonymous with aerospace development in the UK. Our network of local suppliers have been supplying products to the aerospace industry for decades. We leverage their manufacturing expertise in our designs to ensure that we not only design for the best product methods, but uphold our local supply chain.

Aerospace Product Design and Development


Did you know that the UK is the world’s second largest defence exporter in the world? Defence encompasses everything from handheld devices to armoured vehicles. We have experience in both heavy industry and commercial product design. This gives us a unique perspective into defence product design and development.

Defence Product Design and Development

Defence product development is an area in which we already have had the opportunity to compete. During our short time trading we have developed concepts for a UK-based armoured vehicles start-up. Not being solely focused on the defence industry, it allows us to cross pollenate our experience. This allows to inject ideas, materials and processes from other industries into our defence product design.


Security has many forms, from cybersecurity to surveillance. Our expertise is in developing products for personal and professional safety. What do you rely on most for security in your life? That’s right, your doors. We have been designing door products for years. The majority of our experience is in cutting edge roller shutters for residential, commercial and industrial security.

Security Product Design and Development

Defence Product Development

We find that the key focus for defence product development starts by looking at the product lifecycle. Donkey Work Design are primarily a product design company, but we understand that best defence product development practices touch on 3 key areas:

  1. Adopting a problem solving approach focusing on a just few key design elements and simplifying the rest.
  2. Rapidly evaluating technical data to make informed and confident design decisions.
  3. Standardising and unifying component usage across a product range with an emphasis on supply chain longevity.

At Donkey Work Design we leverage our tacit engineering knowledge in aerospace, defence and security to provide our defence product design and development. Find out more about our range of professional CAD services.

For some additional reading, see these Statistics on the UK Defence Industry.


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