CAD Product Design Services

A real passion for Donkey Work Design is helping young and small businesses develop through our CAD product design services. We offer a range of what we call idea to reality services, supplementing our CAD Design and Drafting Services.

Design Consultation

Either taking an existing idea and making it reality, or an existing design and taking it to the next level. Taking the basis of an idea and using manufacturing experience to advise on how best to proceed with the design. Analysis of existing designs, amplifying their strengths and eliminating their weaknesses. Use of simulation where required.

CAD Product Design & Development Consultancy

Photorealistic Rendering

Another important step in bringing a concept to market in the leanest possible manner is a photorealistic render. An alternate step to going straight from solid modelling to manufacture is the rendering to market the product without first making a fully manufactured product. Not to be used instead of prototyping but as well as, after the concept has been sufficiently proven.

Photorealistic Render CAD Product Design & Development


Using an animation of the product or process as a means of marketing the product in a lean manner. Supplementing the rendering above.

Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing as a service – bringing ideas into tangible reality. Sometimes seeing something in your hands shows you something that you miss in your head, on your page or on your screen – a prototype is an important step in the product development process. Teaching clients how to fail fast, fail often, but must importantly to fail cheaply – product development is all about trial and error, bringing an idea to market in the leanest possible manner. Making a scale model or simplified part is an important intermediate step.

Key product or process prototyping? Taking a part of the product or process and manufacturing a key element to allow for further testing that ensures a proof of concept.

3D Printing Services offered at Donkey Work Design

At Donkey Work Design we offer FDM printing, using a variety of materials in a selection of colours, with a build volume of 220mm (W) x 220mm (D) x 250mm (H).

3D Printed CAD Product Design & Development

Reverse Engineering

Using 3D Scanning to take an existing product and get it into 3D space quickly has come on leaps and bounds in the last decade, and is a serviceĀ  that we offer here at Donkey Work Design.

3D Scanning as a service – Taking an existing product and working backwards is always a great way to get your product to market in the most lean way possible, minimising your capital focus on research and development.

3D Scanning services offered at Donkey Work Design

At Donkey Work Design we offer 3D scanning using the structured light method of scanning via a handheld device for measuring the three-dimensional shape of an object using projected infrared light patterns and a camera system to measure their relevant distance and construct the overall shape of the object.

3D Scanned CAD Product Design & Development

CAD Product Design Services



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