CAD Design and Drafting Services

Donkey Work Design offer a range of design and drafting services through various mediums of CAD. These offering’s are targeted at a variety of customers with ever differing needs. Ensuring that we provide the best service which both fits your needs and solves your problem, we have broken down our services below.

3D Solid Modelling

This service is typically aimed a client who wants design for manufacture and encompasses the majority of our CAD design and drafting services. 3D solid modelling is at our core and is supplemented by our CAD Product Design Services.

Solid Modelling & Design for Manufacture – using SOLIDWORKS to produce ready for manufacture parts and assemblies. All drawings provided in PDF reference format (manufacturing reference & customer reference if required) as well as DXF / STEP manufacturing formats. Designs retained and revised in a structured manner for clients.

CAD Design an Drafting Services - SOLIDWORKS

2D Drafting

This service is aimed at a client who requires a site layout to be developed following a larger project design. In certain projects, we find it can be advantageous to augment the design process with a site layout.

Layout Drafting – using AutoCAD LT to produce plant layouts either as a supplement to the above solid modelling service to optimise plant flow with regards the equipment being designed or as a general survey & layout drafting service.

CAD Design an Drafting Services - AutoCAD LT

CAD Administration

This service is targeted towards the client in the process of implementing their own SOLIDWORKS seat(s) and need experience based guidance on how best to get up and running.

Drawing from experience working in a professional design offices and as a SOLIDWORKS administrator. Donkey Work Design can provide ready-to-use templates for SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and drawings. We also offer a dial-in service for getting the templates installed and set up on client’s hardware. We can also create a distributable image to ensure future installations of SOLIDWORKS are an efficient and reliable experience. Additional training of staff can be provided on the above.

CAD Automation – DriveWorks

Once developed, clients often find that they have front-running products in their portfolio. These may be the products which they either produce large volumes of or the same product range with a variation on the final delivery. That’s where DriveWorks comes in.

For example, your company makes sheds. For every customer you’re delivering a shed, but the difference each time is the customer specification. When we study the product, we find the the variation each time falls into size, colour, door style and window position. Utilising a few basic principles, Donkey Work Design can develop the model in SOLIDWORKS in such a way that it can be automated in DriveWorks.

Automating the design & drafting element, and providing a service where we can develop the DriveWorks project and create a input form that correlates well with the information captured in the customer’s sales process.

To learn more about the tools we use, read about DriveWorks here.

CAD Design an Drafting Services - DriveWorks

CAD Design and Drafting Services

Offering both in-house CAD consultancy services and CAD contractor recruitment services, we supply businesses with the right expertise to support their CAD projects.

Whether it be short-term product designs, or additional CAD resources to help with larger projects. We are here to quickly advise the right CAD services to ensure your projects stay on track.

At Donkey Work Design we offer the following CAD Design & Drafting Services:

  • 2D CAD Design & Drafting
  • 3D CAD Solid Modelling & Visualisation
  • General Schematics
  • Site Layout Drafting
  • Mechanical Design for Manufacture
  • CAD File Format Conversions
  • Editing CAD Files from Mark-ups
  • Developing 3D Files for 2D Designs

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