Engineering CAD Design Services

Engineering CAD design services are focused around design for manufacture. Taking ideas which are conceptual and making them tangible.

We split our engineering CAD services into the following:

Product Design

The preliminary technical designs are created in our design studio. From the outset we understand your requirements and use the latest CAD software to visualise the product. At this stage it’s possible to rotate and explore every aspect of the design, you just can’t physically touch anything.

At the point where we are all comfortable that the design meets the requirements specified, a prototype is built. This will be used for testing the functional aspects of the product. The results will enable the designs to be refined before entering the manufacturing process.

Industrial Design

The design element for industrial production is only one part of a much bigger process. We offer a range of services in this field which enables us to support customers at any stage. It also makes us an ideal partner when you need specific design expertise, because we understand the wider task. Using CAD software, our design engineers can challenge themselves on the viability of a product.

Detailed Manufacturing Drawings

We take an approved design and ‘detail’ all the parts for manufacture and assembly build. The manufacturing drawing pack is quality checked prior to issue thereby reducing, if not eliminating, queries and problems during production. Updating drawings from mark-ups or converting those hand-sketches and scribbles into professional CAD drawings so that parts can be made.

Reverse Engineering

If you have a part or product that you need to re-manufacture, but don’t have the manufacturing drawings or documentation, then our reverse engineering service can help.

We scan smaller parts to produce 3D CAD models and the manufacturing drawings derived from them. This is ideal for complex, smaller parts where accuracy is vital. For larger parts we use hand-measuring techniques to generate 3D models and 2D assembly drawings.

3D Visualisation

We all know the saying ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ and it’s true, 3D Visuals help sell your ideas or designs better than words alone. It’s about presenting your ideas to a customer or manufacturer.

Creating walkthroughs, animations and 3D visualisations from your 2D or 3D data, we provide you with professional content to help take your products and presentations to the next level.

Whether you have some sketches, detailed CAD drawings, photographs or just a verbal description – we can help. We have extensive libraries of textures and models to generate whatever it is you’re selling. Perfect for your sales and marketing literature or maintenance manuals and user guides.

Engineering CAD Design Services

For more work we do in this sector, please see our page Product Design and Development Mechanical Engineering.

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