CAD Design and Build Services

At Donkey Work Design we want to see your designs realised. To help you on your product journey, we are now offering CAD Design and Build Services. This service is to supplement our popular CAD Design and Drafting Services and CAD Product Design Services.

What Types of Products Are Covered?

Mainly targeted at prototyping, we can utilise our in-house capabilities to mock-up your smaller product designs. We can utilise 3D scanning, 3D printing & microcontroller programming.

Further to this we can leverage our network of local manufacturers to realise those larger projects. No job is too big nor too small. Our supplier network includes fabrication and CNC machining as well as laser, plasma, and water jet cutting.

Product Design and Build

What is the Process for CAD Design & Build Services?

Our services are built around the idea of design thinking. Design thinking is a solutions-focused method for solving a problem. Before building anything we want to get to the root of what makes your product great. The process is as follows:

Design Thinking


Conduct research to understand who will use your product and what their pain points are with the current offering.


From your research understand what problem that your product solves for the end user.


Conceptually developing a solutions to the defined problem.


Creating a physical realisation of your concepts and ideas in a sample product focusing on one or two key features.


Returning to the end user for feedback on your concepts.


Taking feedback from the end user and filtering it back into the concepts. Then following these concepts through ideation and testing again. This is the key part of further developing the product.


Once feedback from testing shows that the problem has been solved, manufacturing can be implemented.

Design Thinking 101

Product design is not a linear process, it is dynamic, solutions-focused and customer-centric. Don’t be afraid to fail, that’s the most important step. Fail quickly, fail as cheaply as gets the product idea across, and take feedback from failure into iterative product design.

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