Industrial Manufacturing Product Design and Development

Industrial manufacturing product design and development is focused on the design for manufacture of products. Whether it be a consumer product or a product for industry, we have the tools to design and develop it.

We have worked on products in consumer & commercial electronics as well as bespoke fabrication. Drawing from years worth of experience in industry, we know what it takes to physically make products. We have a network of local suppliers which can help in getting your product manufactured.

Industrial Manufacturing Product Design and Development

An important step in product design which often gets overlooked is how it can be made. This includes both the manufacture and the assembly. Part of designing a great product includes its manufacture and assembly. Failing to do so could lead to both cost and reliability implications.

For example the LED light above. This exploded view shows the individual parts which make up the product. Firstly, we can see that housing can be split into four individual parts. Secondly, it is clear from the view how these parts fit together. Thirdly, it is also clear how each part can be manufactured. Finally, the product gives good consideration to serviceability of the product. Access to the LED panel, battery and PCB can all be had by just removing a few screws.

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You can find out more about the specific industrial manufacturing product design and development services that we offer here:

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One example in which we design for industry is the manufacturing drawings that we supply for Artizan Fabrications. When supplied with the site dimensions we develop the manufacturing drawings and cut list to produce their bespoke fabrications.

Ideas are great and we encourage you to come to us with them all. What we want to do is help you make these reality.

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