Donkey Work Design is an agile and customer-centric product design company based in Larne, NI. We offer a range of CAD services to clients seeking to develop their own products. Whether it’s developing a concept, getting a prototype manufactured or engineering your product for local production; whatever you need, we can help.

You look after the business and leave the Donkey Work to us!

Product Design Company Belfast

Working across many industry sectors, we aim to centralise our activities around product design and development. We primarily operate in the greater Belfast area, but do business throughout NI. Further afield? No problem! We have already helped businesses in ROI and are fully remote should you be further.

As a product design company based in NI, one of our key goals is to develop a network of opportunity for the many new and growing businesses that we have. We always seek to partner with other local businesses to offer a complete product solution. We want to help take your product from idea, through prototyping, to a physical reality. However, should production be an immediate concern we can help there too. Leveraging experience in industrial manufacturing, we can advise a local supply chain for production.

Our Work

Our primary focus is to help small businesses and start-ups who would not otherwise have the means to design their own products. We do this by offering services aimed at taking an idea and developing into something tangible. From the bespoke fabrications outlined above, to smaller products and projects, we have offer the services you need.

Product Design Company NI

Whilst only a young company, we already have a diverse portfolio showcasing the work that we do across the country. Our product design work is visible throughout NI, in fact even in people’s homes. Donkey Work Design have a drafting partnership with Artizan Fabrications to provide customer approval drawings & photorealistic renders, as well as production drawings for manufacturing. Donkey Work Design helps by providing an often single day turnaround from the placement of order. As a result, we are able to provide manufacturing information delivered just in time for production.

For a better idea of the bespoke fabrications that we create manufacturing drawings for, see the portfolio on Artizan Fabrications beautiful new website.

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